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I attended the Pranic Psychotherapy course and learned that Pranic Healing is effective for phobias. It was an amazing experience. I had a phobia of spiders as long as I can remember. I could not even look at a photo of a spider. In less than 10 minutes I was completely healed from this phobia. This is really amazing as I am a professional Psychotherapist.  (SJ - North Carolina)

Learn how to Master this Energy to Heal yourself and others.

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Meditation in Twin Hearts, also known as the Meditation for Planetary Peace.

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I cannot help but share this very exciting time in our lives. My daughter is within the Autistic Spectrum. Conventional therapeutic protocol has played a huge part in her earlier development, now it was clear that addressing the Energy in and around her was imperative for her to achieve balance. Through research, I found Pranic Healing and without fully understanding the practice and its powerful effect, we started treatment. With Pranic Healing, from the moment we stepped into the room, the energy was so full of love and light. She flowed right into, and fully participated in the session. From my perspective, it was as if she had come home. My daughter’s first Pranic Healing session was extremely powerful and produced immediate remarkable results.  (LZ - Florida)

Emotional and Physical Healing Sessions

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We Offer Energy Healing, Meditation & Pranic Healing Courses.

There is a vital life-force energy that is within and around us. When you learn how to master this energy you can Master your Life!

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